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July/August 2013

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Focus on the E Easy Add-Ons for Hands and Feet by Lynn Parentini Of all body parts, the hands and feet may be the most taken for granted. By allowing us to participate in life, they become extensions of our psyche, and there is scarcely any waking moment when they are not working hard. In your esthetics services, the body's extremities are worthy of attention. There are many ways to maximize the spare moments you have in your regular services by treating the hands and feet. Any modality or product you're applying to the face can also be used on the extremities. As an added bonus, there is unlikely to be any additional product cost, since there is usually a small amount of leftover product after any facial, and this will usually be enough. Let's look at some ideas for therapeutic add-ons that will also encourage relaxation. (Remember, when you add hand and foot treatments into another service, you should change your gloves or wash your hands before touching the client's face again.) check and Protect Just as you analyze facial skin before a treatment and check for problems, you can also check the skin on the hands and feet. The extremities have fewer pigment cells, but hands are exposed to sunlight as often as the face, and melanoma in these areas can often go undetected. Any freckle or mole on the palm of the hand, sole of the foot, or in the nail bed is a red flag for referral to a physician, regardless of whether the mole shows other danger signs. 22 ASCP Skin Deep SkinDeep_JA_2013.indd 22 Nothing reveals age more than the backs of the hands. Recommend that your client use the same home care routine on the backs of her hands that she uses on her face, and always remember sunscreen (which should also be applied to the feet if the client doesn't wear closed-top footwear year round). July/August 2013 5/15/13 4:24 PM

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