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July/August 2013

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Understanding the Male Client 1-2-3s for the Men's Skin Care Market by Keith West-Harrison The spa world has come a long way in growing the male market. When I started as an esthetician 23 years ago, I'd see an average of two male clients a year. Now, more than 40 percent of my clients are men. While that isn't likely to be possible in every city, or for every skin care practice, it proves that the male client is not a mysterious, mythical creature. Men's health and fitness publications, travel magazines, and lifestyle television shows are routinely pitching the spa ritual to the male client, encouraging him to upgrade his level of personal care. New spas are emerging that are designed to cater just to men. There is also a growing consumer market for male-targeted skin and body care products. The progressive esthetician will want to know how this client differs from his female counterpart in order to provide services and marketing that address his skin care needs. 1. Know His Reasons What brings a man into your spa? These days, he is not always there because he was dragged in by his wife or partner. Men have increasingly become enthusiastic customers of many traditional spa services. One reason is a huge increase in the number of men who believe improving their looks is important for a competitive advantage in the job market. 12ASCP Skin Deep SkinDeep_JA_2013.indd 12 July/August 2013 5/15/13 4:23 PM

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