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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast 53 SOFT AND SLOW IS THE WAY TO GO Seeking health benefits might have brought your client to the chair in the first place, but the experience you provide is what will bring them back again and again. Treat each session like a brief vacation for the soul, and make sure every word and movement adheres to that goal. Create a peaceful atmosphere by keeping conversation to a minimum, and whisper if possible. Perform your actions in slow, steady motions as well to maintain the relaxing mood until the treatment is finished. CALMNESS IS ESSENTIAL Caring for yourself so you can be available to your clients during the current chaos is a wonderful gift. By showing and sharing your good energy to influence others in a positive way, you can demonstrate just how essential your business is during this turbulent time. Notes 1. Bridget Brennan, "Radical Empathy and Other Ways to Rethink Your Customer Experience," Forbes, October 8, 2020, www.forbes. com/sites/bridgetbrennan/2020/10/08/radical-empathy-and-other- ways-to-rethink-your-customer-experience/#5c4709e05f3b. 2. Mayo Clinic Staff, n.d., "Tai Chi: A Gentle Way to Fight Stress," accessed October 25, 2020, lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/tai-chi/art-20045184. 3. Sara Lindberg, "Stretching: 9 Benefits, Plus Safety Tips and How to Start," Healthline, June 18, 2018, www.healthline. com/health/benefits-of-stretching#benefits. 4. Amy Morin, "7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude," Psychology Today blog, April 3, 2015, www.psychologytoday. com/us/blog/what-mentally-strong-people-dont- do/201504/7-scientifically-proven-benefits-gratitude. 5. PIH Health, "The Surprising Health Benefits of a Simple Hug," Healthy Living Online blog, February 27, 2017, wellness/blog/the-surprising-health-benefits-of-a-simple-hug. 6. Michael J. Breus, "What You Need to Know About Using a Weighted Blanket," Psychology Today blog, July 12, 2019, what-you-need-know-about-using-weighted-blanket. 7. "How a Rocking Chair Can Help You Heal," Body and Soul, June 17, 2016, health-news/how-a-rocking-chair-can-help-you-heal-/ news-story/9f7db110575c8c7cddb9ebb58b8aa5c8. 8. Leslie E. Korn, "The One Exercise That I Teach to All of My Clients," Psychology Today blog, May 3, 2018, www. the-one-exercise-i-teach-all-my-clients. Treat each session like a brief vacation for the soul, and make sure every word and movement adheres to that goal. 5 miquel Llonche/Stocksy

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