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Know Your Layers by Dave Waggoner and Lisa VanBockern Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast 27 SKIN PHYSIOLOGY ARE YOU AN ESTHETICIAN WHO nervously—and quickly—looks at your client's skin under the mag lamp during a skin analysis and says, "Yep, there's skin down there!" and promptly jumps right into the facial? Or do you omit the skin analysis altogether? If either of these scenarios are true, please consider that you are not only missing a crucial piece of the facial puzzle, but you are also diminishing your retail potential. By performing a thorough skin analysis, you open the lines of communication between yourself and your client. PERFORMING A PROPER SKIN ANALYSIS A proper skin analysis considers the layers of the skin, what is occurring, and which ingredients will treat skin issues the best. That said, just how confident are you when performing a client's skin analysis? For instance, what if your client complains about texture issues or dull looking skin? Do you know which cell tatjana zlatkovic/Stocksy

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