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72 ascp skin deep november/december 2020 ASCP & you THEN & NOW This year, we're taking a look back at the origins of some of today's most effective skin care treatments, including a few that are downright scary. We've come a long way, baby! THEN Looking back at some of the other "treatments" we've highlighted this year, putting slices of fruit on your face isn't the worst (or most dangerous) idea early skin care professionals had. Someone must have discovered that there was something in fruit that was benefi cial to the skin, even if they didn't understand what we now know to be fruit acids and enzymes. But maybe this direct contact wasn't the most effi cient or eff ective method. It would have been diffi cult to control coverage or acidity, and . . . perhaps some danger of getting a little pulp up your nose. Fresh and Fruity Using fruit as a skin care treatment isn't new, but today it's a lot more effective by Mary Barthelme Abel NOW Today's fruit enzyme-based exfoliators and peels are plentiful, eff ective, and safe for virtually every skin type. The enzymes work by digesting the keratin proteins that keep dead skin cells stuck to the surface of the skin, revealing the bright, healthy skin underneath. Less harsh than acids, fruit enzymes are ideal for sensitive skin and clients new to the exfoliating game. From pumpkin and pineapple to every type of berry, enzyme masks are powerful enough to use in the treatment room and safe enough to include in your clients' home- care regimens. And a little seasonal-themed fruit mask makes the perfect holiday gift for your loyal clients.

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