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ASCP & you ASCP INFLUENCERS as s oc i a t e d s k i n c a r e p r o f e s s i o n a l s ASCP INFLUENCERS Readers of ASCP Skin Deep already know Mark Lees, PhD. As a longtime contributor, Lees provides straightforward advice for solving common skin problems in his Skin Solutions column. Here, we chat with Lees about how he got his start, his product line, and how esties can keep moving forward. What made you want to study and build a career in esthetics? Originally, I was interested in being a Hollywood makeup artist. I went to New York to take some makeup classes and met Christine Valmy at a CIDESCO congress. I was really impressed by her scientific approach to skin care. I have a strong background in the biological sciences and it all fell into place for me! Tell us a bit about Mark Lees products. I began developing products I wanted but couldn't find for my adult acne-prone and clog-prone clients. It occurred to me that there were so many products that had fatty "vehicles" (spreading agents) that made clog-prone and acne-prone skin worse because they clogged the pores. The key features of the Mark Lees line are that they are ASCP Influencers honors and promotes the experts, product manufacturers, and educators who shape our profession. put together with spreading agents that do not clog pores, and each skin problem is approached with a "program" approach—addressing every angle of that skin condition. We began assembling a huge case-study portfolio, showing real-world results for acne-prone, clog- prone, aging, and sensitive/ redness-prone skin types. What advice do you have for esties who are struggling during this unprecedented time? Approach professional skin care with a program approach to achieve visible results! Real-world results will guarantee that clients will look at your services as essential rather than a luxury or optional service. Our practice has bounced back with flying colors because of this philosophy. 480.404.7409 | HALEANDHUSH.COM Distributed by Eclectic Solutions LLC FAVORITE EYE TREATMENT BRILLIANT EYE & LIP "Unicorn Tears" FAVORITE INDIE LINE FAVORITE CLEANSER QUIET WASH Thank you!

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