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ASCP & you THEN & NOW This year, we're taking a look back at the origins of some of today's most effective skin care treatments, including a few that are downright scary. We've come a long way, baby! THEN In the 1890s, Professor Eugene Mack advertised his Chin Reducer as "The only mechanism producing a concentrated, continuous massage of the chin and neck, dispelling fl abbiness of the neck and throat, restoring a rounded contour to thin, scrawny necks and faces, bringing a natural, healthy color to the cheeks, eff acing lines and wrinkles." Sold for a cool $10 (about $250 in today's dollars), users were instructed to secure the chin strap around the top of their head like a belt and place the other strap under their chin. The strings attached to the chin portion went up and through the forehead strap, so that the wearer could tug on the strings and pull their chin up tight. This was supposed to prevent and eliminate double chins and reduce enlarged glands. NOW These days, esties have myriad eff ective, nonsurgical solutions to minimize a double chin (as well as virtually any body part where clients struggle with stubborn fat). You can freeze fat cells with cryolipolysis machines like CoolSculpting or heat them up with a SculpSure treatment. Microcurrent devices (think NuFACE and Neurotris) tone and tighten muscles, resulting in a smooth, fi rm appearance. Other pro treatments for fat reduction include ultrasound, radiofrequency, and—if it's in your scope of practice—injectables like Kybella that dissolve fat cells. Curves of Youth A history of the long search to end the dreaded double chin by Mary Barthelme Abel 88 ascp skin deep july/august 2020 An advertisement for Professor Eugene Mack's Chin Reducer and Beautifi er promised to give ladies a smooth, youthful throat.

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