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78 ascp skin deep july/august 2020 by Linda Ruberto recently spoke with a colleague recently about her concerns for resuming her esthetics practice once her shelter-in-place order was lifted for the COVID-19 pandemic. She was primarily focused on being physically and practically prepared, considering issues around health, sanitation, and the logistics of working safely in such close proximity with her clientele. She was also worried about the economic impact of the shutdown, thinking about the effects it would have on client retention, marketing strategies for rebuilding, business model changes, and the vision for her career. As I listened and asked questions, there was a shift. My colleague began digging deeper and talking about her personal and emotional journey through it all. From my perspective, this was the real heart of the issue. Emotional Readiness 4 rituals to reignite passion, self-heal, and move past COVID-19 I A Hmong woman who used to share my garden space said this to me, and I'm paraphrasing: Americans work an eight-hour day, five days a week, to enjoy two days of free time—and they work 45 years to enjoy 20 years of free time. The Hmong culture does not think about—or divide— work, family, and play like that. All of life is seen as a whole and complete entity; all aspects are integrated and equally important. I often remind myself of this lesson and am thankful that our profession provides a fertile ground for discovering the importance of this paradigm. Performing rituals is a way to help us reignite our passion for our work and will also prepare, heal, and sustain us moving forward. Following are four rituals for practicing spirituality and mindfulness, self-healing, exploring and implementing boundaries, and being you. RITUAL 1: PRACTICE SPIRITUALITY AND MINDFULNESS Take time to cultivate a personal lifestyle, which includes the regular practice of elements like prayer, meditation, breath work, gratitude, and mindfulness. As esties, we are part of the healing arts profession, but our first priority should be to self-heal.

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