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find your dream career! 25 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Just the Facts What's a skin care myth you'd like to debunk? VIA EMAIL I would love to debunk the idea that more expensive means better, or that a "cult classic" product is somehow extraordinarily better than other products. The bottom line is, every skin care product is made up of skin care ingredients, and while there are important things to have in a product, there is no magical new invention with new ingredients that is going to transform your life. People see celebrities using an expensive product so they assume it must be the best. Wrong! Is a $300 hyaluronic serum really a higher quality, specialized form of HA? No! It's still hyaluronic acid. This doesn't mean I don't use and recommend expensive products, but they need to have the studies to back them and indicate why they warrant that kind of price tag. @evolveskinstudio I would love to debunk the myth about oily skin not needing a moisturizer! You have to balance your skin. When you don't moisturize, your natural oils kick in and try to hydrate. Also, when you think you have oily skin and need oil-free everything! Stripping the skin will cause more oil production and damage your skin. Balance is key. Jessica ODonnel That you can apply SPF 15 on top of SPF 15 and it will be equivalent to SPF 30. I actually had a client tell me that her makeup consultant told her this is how it worked. I'm so grateful to be in a position where I can educate clients on how to properly determine their sun protection factor. Brandy Swecker VIA INSTAGRAM That you're too old or your skin is already too bad for any skin care services to make a difference. @beautywithinbykimberly Well, the number-one myth is that skin care products penetrate the skin. @dermaestheticpro That people of color don't need sunscreen! @always_shanamarie That makeup containing SPF can replace sunscreen. @kaylamaribeauty That pores open and close! @holistic.rose.esthetics Tanning helps with breakouts or psoriasis. @bareandbeautifulskin That exfoliation is the way to healthy skin. @essential_skincare_ny VIA FACEBOOK Clients who say, "I have sensitive skin," yet they've never used a toner in their daily regimen to pH balance their skin. Rosalie M. Sanabria That the SPF in your Covergirl foundation is adequate sun protection. Andrea Krushka The "I don't need SPF every day" and all of the excuses and false reasons why. It drives me batty! It is my ongoing battle cry. Stephanie Smith Pros that don't want to use any product or device not FDA-approved. Most of what we use in the treatment room is considered beauty and not regulated by the FDA. Andrea Snyder That retinol thins the skin. Charonne Brane Verhine Dermaplaning or waxing your face makes the hair come back darker and fuzzier. Nicole Hitt Woolsey "I don't use products that contain alcohol because it's drying." A few alcohols, like SD and denatured, are drying. But there are many "fatty alcohols" that are beneficial stabilizers and emulsifiers and are completely nonirritating to skin. Sally Parks

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