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MAY | JUNE 2020

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find your dream career! 87 ASCP & you ASCP INFLUENCERS as s oc i a t e d s k i n c a r e p r o f e s s i o n a l s ASCP INFLUENCERS Meet influencer Hillary Hilliard, founder and owner of School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics (SBMA). Located in Denver, Colorado, this esthetics program focuses on plant-based products and instruction on the medical aspects of professional skin care, such as chemical peels and dermaplaning. For more information, visit ASCP Influencers honors and promotes the experts, product manufacturers, and educators who shape our profession. It's imperative to keep growing as an esthetician, and continuing to learn is a perfect way to ensure a spirit of freshness is infused into a practice. Why should estheticians invest in advanced/continuing education? Variety and innovation—these two words encapsulate the world of skin care. Estheticians uniquely have services that continue to evolve because of research and technology. Estheticians need to stay on the cutting edge to: • Give clients the best and most effective services and products possible • Stay engaged, motivated, and constantly learning to stay at the forefront of the industry • Encourage different revenue streams and offerings to be competitive and increase profit potential As humans and as estheticians, we either grow or we stagnate. It's imperative to keep growing as an esthetician, and continuing to learn is a perfect way to ensure a spirit of freshness is infused into a practice. To take advanced continuing education classes as an esthetician is to invest in your growth, your motivation, the increase of your net profit or hourly pay, and your longevity in the industry. Why should estheticians choose the School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics for their education? We pride ourselves on being more than a beauty school. We are a boutique skin care school that is revolutionizing the esthetics industry by focusing on quality, purity, diversity, superior ethics, ingredients, holistic skin care, and current medical technologies. We know estheticians want it all, and with SBMA, they can have it all—holistic and medical. Our class and student clinic environment is like none other—it's warm, welcoming, calm, and offers a sense of love and acceptance. We have the most amazing tribe of instructors and administrators who are dynamic presenters, caring and compassionate guides, passionate leaders in the industry, and supportive encouragers throughout the program. We make learning fun and focus on a more hands-on approach that inspires adult learners to be motivated to explore and excel. Our tuition is competitive and includes affordable payment plans with in-house, low-interest financing. Ultimately, we teach that beautiful skin is first and foremost from within—thoughts, energy, and actions all contribute to having the most beautiful, radiant skin. We hope you'll join us for a class soon! What current skin care trends are you excited about? We are excited about CBD, jelly masks, Chinese skin mapping, microneedling, and probiotics in skin care. CBD is plant medicine—it is harmonizing and anti-inflammatory for your skin. Chinese skin mapping helps us look more holistically at the root causes of skin issues, such as hormonal imbalances or digestive issues. Jelly masking is perfect for post-advanced exfoliation as it nourishes, hydrates, and calms the skin. Microneedling has amazing results—it increases the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and lessening scarring. Probiotics are essentially the "good guys" of the microbe world. Many cleansers can strip the skin and create a dysfunctional environment where the "bad bacteria" is winning. Topical probiotics, as well as internal ones, can even the playing field and help the good bacteria win, which can mean fewer acneic breakouts.

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