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Page 26 of 85 // Call toll free 800 689-0499 Ask about our exclusive offer for ASCP Members new to ARC! Bridging the Gap Between Aesthetic & Medical DARE TO BE DIFFERENT // CUSTOMIZED REGIMENS FOR R APID RESULTS As CONCIERGE AESTHETICIANS, we believe in treating our client's skin in the here-and-now. Our skin changes with the seasons of the year and the seasons of life, and we want each and every client to leave our treatment room knowing that we're treating their skin in the here-and-now. As a CLINICAL PRODUCT LINE, we believe in empowering aestheticians with the right tools and knowledge to confidently progress skills, results, and business. BLUE ENZYME PEEL 30% L-Lactic Acid, Bromelain + Botanical Extracts, 1.9 pH ADVANCED REJUVENATING CONCEPTS DISCOVER THE SCIENCE OF SKIN REJUVENATION™ BLUE ENZYME PEEL Real results from practicing ARC Aestheticians. New Season, New Treatment EXFOLIATE-AWAY WINTER BUILDUP: ERASE FINE LINES, MINIMIZE PORES Dead skin cells and product residue require an exfoliation boost to keep skin smooth, bright, and hydrated. Blue Enzyme Peel's 30% lactic solution with bromelain enzyme and citrus oils dissolves dead skin and removes dull residue to minimize pores and brigthen tone. Better Results SUPPORT COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS & CORRECT SIGNS OF PHOTOAGING Poor cell turnover can accelerate free radical dam- age by preventing antioxidant absorption. Blue Enzyme Peel gets the cells support where it's needed most, by infusing the skin with whole botanical extracts from Pacific kelp, blue agave, and bilberry fruit. It revitalizes the skin and combats wrinkle formation. N E W T R E A T M E N T P A C K A G E S • • • • • • • • • Spring 2020

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