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find your dream career! 79 ASCP & you ASCP INFLUENCERS as s oc i a t e d s k i n c a r e p r o f e s s i o n a l s ASCP INFLUENCERS What was the genesis of Love2Sugar? Five years ago, I had a dream that we should provide proper body sugar training to estheticians all over the world. iSugar University, our online basic certifi cation program, was created to make sure estheticians had a solid foundation of theory and sugaring technique. When my students began begging for more, my team and I developed an advanced library of Masterclasses, a SugarTribe community, and collaboration with other industry professionals to create the platform of We have been able to spread our love of sugar not just with the big cities where there are hands-on trainers, but with small towns like Sheboygan, Michigan, and Oviedo, Florida. Since then, Love2Sugar has trained over 800 students in seven countries and inspired esties to love body sugaring as much as we do. Why do you feel sugaring is preferable to waxing? There are so many reasons why our clients are calling to ask if we use sugar as our form of hair removal. They are searching for methods that are all-natural, create less pain, and cause less damage to sensitive skin. Sugar paste is made up of lemon, sugar, and water … it's so pure you can eat it! The paste is kept at room temperature, so both practitioners and clients can rest assured they will not be burned during treatment. We remove the hair with the direction of hair growth, as opposed to pulling against like waxing. The whole hair is extracted, providing a gentle, smooth experience. What should estheticians know about becoming a sugar practitioner? Whether an esthetician wants to open a sugaring spa or simply add sugaring to their treatment menu, my best advice, as with any new skill, is to get properly educated and practice diligently. Sugaring is a method that truly does need to be perfected in order to provide the best service and achieve amazing results. Don't rely on ordering products online and learning on YouTube. Learn from a professional trainer and purchase products from a professional sugar supplier to protect yourself and your clients. Once esties switch to sugar, their clients become loyal because they know their practitioner is providing an amazing treatment that they no longer fear! What sugaring trends do you foresee in 2020? I believe 2020 is going to be a phenomenal year to boom in this business! With the growing popularity of sugaring, clients will be asking for sugar as their preferred method of hair removal. Our clients are savvy now! For those seasoned sugaring professionals, I see them adding services like calming, hydrating "sugared" facials and utilizing advanced modalities like LED therapy to take their treatments to the next level. ASCP Infl uencers honors and promotes the experts, product manufacturers, and educators who shape our profession. Once esties switch to sugar, their clients become loyal because they know their practitioner is providing an amazing treatment that they no longer fear! Meet infl uencer Shannon O'Brien, a.k.a. "The SugarMama." O'Brien is the founder of Love2Sugar and iSugar University, host of The SugarShow podcast, and all-around enthusiast of all things sugar. In other words, if you want to know anything about body sugaring, you've come to the right place.

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