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find your dream career! 19 beautybuzz INDUSTRY NEWS New Studies Changing the way you do business THE SECRET TO HEALTHY, RADIANT SKIN Discover one of the most surprising secrets to keeping skin healthy, radiant, and clear—the body's bacterial microbiome. Most of us spend years trying to get rid of nasty bacteria with cleansers, masks, and medicines, but it turns out our skin has a finely balanced microbiome that is crucial to maintaining good skin. Written by holistic expert Paula Simpson, Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin teaches readers how lifestyle affects the skin microbiome, how microbiome imbalances impact skin conditions, and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics. Simpson's expertise is perfect for those looking to discover professional secrets and the science behind achieving and maintaining perfect skin. The book is available at Work Less, Achieve More Achieve greater effi ciency, improve operational performance, and save money by outsourcing nonrevenue-generating, routine business tasks. The 2018 Client Accounting Services Survey of 1,700 companies showed that outsourcing can lead to greater profi ts, better fi nancial insights, and more referrals. The reason? Outsourcing allows companies to focus on what matters most—their clients. The most successful jobs to outsource, according to, are low impact, repeatable, and those that consume a lot of your time. Great tasks to outsource are accounts payable, accounts receivable, administrative work, transaction support— any task that takes you from your customers. For more information on outsourcing, read the full article at Social Niche Niche social networks provide an ideal space to unite and interact with others based on common interests. According to Albizu Garcia, guest writer for Entrepreneur, these niche groups present a huge opportunity for businesses to connect in a more intimate way with their target audiences. Following are three reasons why zeroing in on niche social networks can increase your odds of reaching your target audience. 1. People want to connect with a specifi c type of social community, making closed social groups more popular than public social media feeds. 2. Communicating through traditional social media apps has become passé. Numerous group-chat apps are available for discussing specifi c interests. 3. Although social media networks have millions of users, it may benefi t you to focus your marketing eff orts on a much smaller core audience with common interests. To read the full article, visit

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