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ASCP & you I AM ASCP HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH SKIN CARE? I have worked in the beauty business for over 20 years, starting in nails and eventually transitioning to skin care and brows. I fell in love with skin care because I love having one-on- one contact with my clients, learning about their concerns, and helping them to look and feel beautiful. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO FOCUS ON EYEBROWS? While working with my skin care clients, I started to realize that really defined eyebrows can change an overall look. At the time, there was no real focus on brow design. Many clients would tweeze their brows, some would wax, and others did nothing at all! So I started asking my clients if I could fine-tune their brows. Before I knew it, my schedule was booked for months at a time and there became this huge demand. My clients and I started to see a huge difference, as designing their brows opened up their eyes and made them look and feel younger. As demand grew, I started taking seminars, workshops, and anything I could do to learn and perfect my skill. The learning never ends, though. I still take classes that keep me up to date with trends, and I also offer training to esthetic students looking to perfect their craft as well. I am a trainer and educator throughout New York City and Long Island, as I love inspiring young professionals and encouraging them to strive to build their own success. DENISE BARBOSA Licensed esthetician; owner, Brows by Denise, Seaford, NY ASCP member since 2011 Highbrow Design This esty is improving self-image, building confidence, and strengthening well-being—one set of brows at a time WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON MICROBLADING? I don't necessarily discourage my clients from microblading; however, I do encourage my clients to embrace a natural brow. I am a natural brow artist first. That is not to say that some brows don't need a little help, but I encourage natural growth because I feel a natural brow will never go out of style. Brow trends come and go, but a natural brow will never go out of style. WHERE DO YOU SEE THE BROW TREND GOING AS WE MOVE INTO 2020? As we move into 2020, I think we are going to see less of the dark, fully structured brow and more of a soft, natural, flowing brow. The intensity of a super thick brow will slowly fade, giving rise to designing and defining that natural brow. For me, I focus on the proper fit for my client's face frame—balance and symmetry are key. WHAT ARE THE BEST PARTS OF OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS? The best part of running my own business is having the opportunity to pursue my passion and make it a reality each day. I enjoy seeing my clients' reactions when they see the transformation. 80 ascp skin deep november/december 2019

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