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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 35 See the Light IPL is a popular modality—are you ready to offer it? by Maggie Staszcuk Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is used to treat hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions. It is sometimes used for hair removal, although it's not as effective as other modalities. IPL has surged in popularity, with its use increasing 20 percent since 2017 and ranked 4 out of 5 of the top procedures performed in 2018. 1 As the name implies, IPL uses intense pulses of light to affect its intended target. This is referred to as nonablative photorejuvenation. Although many people lump IPL into the same classification as laser, it is not. Unlike laser, IPL is a noncoherent light using five multiple wavelengths in a single pulse. As a result, IPL can treat a broad range of conditions in a single treatment. expertadvice ADVANCED MODALITIES HOW DOES IPL WORK? Pulsed light passes through a fi lter within the handpiece and optimizes the wavelength for diff erent indications and skin types. Filters are specifi c to each handpiece and the chromophores (skin components that absorb light) that the handpiece targets: water, melanin, hemoglobin. For instance, if you are targeting pigmented lesions, this would be the melanin chromophore. The light penetrates the tissue and damages the chromophore. The body then rids itself of the damage. EXPECTATIONS Results vary greatly depending on the device, settings used, and indications being treated. After initial treatment, it is not uncommon to experience some erythema (reddening of the skin) and edema (swelling). Clients targeting pigmented lesions will see the lesion initially become more prominent and then scab off . Those treating vascular lesions, like couperose, will see the redness dissipate over time. Occasionally clients may also experience temporary bruising and discoloration of the skin.

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