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September | October 2019

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34 ascp skin deep september/october 2019 expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS of the lipid barrier will improve the look of wrinkles and skin fi rmness in aging skin. It may also help lessen redness associated with infl ammation that can occur because skin with a damaged barrier is more permeable to irritants. Topical ceramides mixed into creams, lotions, sunscreens, serums, and other products can help fi ll the gaps in the vital moisture barrier. This will also improve smoothness, hydration, and the appearance of wrinkles and mature skin. Combining the use of an AHA serum with ceramide- containing products can be quite impressive in improving sun-damaged skin. Using a daily sunscreen is a must when using AHAs, because AHA use makes some people more susceptible to sunburn. And let's not forget that sun is the number- one cause of preventable premature skin aging and the number-one cause of skin cancers! The daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must for all clients, and sunscreen can easily be blended into a good moisturizer, allowing for a one-step moisture-sunscreen application. Properly formulated, these products boost hydration, patch the barrier with ceramides, and protect from UV light—all in one step. IN-SPA BOOSTERS A series of six 30 percent alpha hydroxy peels performed once or twice a week for 3–6 weeks can accelerate the improvement of skin appearance. Have the client start the peels two weeks after starting the home care program discussed above. This series of professional peels will signifi cantly improve the appearance of color evenness, skin smoothness, pore appearance and congestion, and overall skin texture and look. Clients tend to be very pleased after this series. Microdermabrasion is also a useful modality, but should not be performed in the same session as an AHA peel. A PROGRAM APPROACH Launch a Fall Revival Program for your clients as an inclusive program with a home care kit that includes alpha hydroxy serum, ceramide moisture product, specialty daily-use sunscreen, and an appropriate cleanser and toner. Include a six-treatment AHA peel series, and off er it at a one-price special. Your clients will love the look of their revived skin and will want to keep up their fresh new look. Combining the use of an AHA serum with ceramide- containing products can be quite impressive in improving sun- damaged skin.

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