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MAY | JUNE 2019

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38 ascp skin deep may/june 2019 expertadvice ADVANCED MODALITIES lesions, even when prompted for your opinion by the client. Always refer your client to their medical provider. Clients who are contraindicated for treatment include those with a pacemaker, epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes, open wounds, pregnancy, and autoimmune disease, among others. Always follow the directions of your medical director or place of business. In some scenarios, you may treat with caution, but protect your client and yourself by requesting that your client receives written approval from their medical provider before proceeding. TRAINING Devices can be classified as Class I or Class II devices and may require medical supervision. Be sure you have had proper hands-on training and know the regulations in your state. In some states, a Class II device may be outside your scope of practice. Consider that most estheticians are not allowed to perform ablative skin procedures, such as those that remove, cut, or vaporize skin tissue, without medical supervision. Even then, this may not be within your scope of practice. There are many types of devices on the market and not all devices use RF; some use high frequency but with the same intended outcome. If too much heat is applied to the skin, this can lead to tissue damage with the chance for scarring and pigmentation. Training in RF is usually not incorporated into a basic esthetics course and requires advanced education. In some instances, the manufacturer of the device you are purchasing will provide training; however, be sure that this training will qualify you for insurance coverage. When looking for a training center, search for one that provides a comprehensive understanding of the modality as well as hands-on practical application. Notes 1. David Jack,, "Using Radiofrequency," accessed January 2019, using-radiofrequency. 2. Judith Culp et al., Milady Standard Advanced Esthetics, 2nd ed. (Boston: Congage Learning, 2012). Without penetrating the skin's surface, these devices create localized heat that evaporates the targeted tissues' fluid and blocks blood supply. ASCP now offers Advanced Modality Insurance! For more information and a list of training facilities, visit

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