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72 january/february 2019 ASCP & you I AM ASCP HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH SKIN CARE? As a teenager, I battled chronic acne. It was awful. I remember the shame and embarrassment, and how nothing I did at home would work. Finally, I knew I needed professional help and it changed my life. The esthetician was so knowledgable and helpful, and my face never looked better. I knew right then and there that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people—help them take back control of their skin problems and their lives. HOW DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH MAKEUP? I have always been in love with makeup. Always. For me, it was just another way to be creative and artistic—and yes, it helped hide my acne back in the day. I would always play around with the different color palettes, creating and perfecting new looks. It's still something I love doing. YOU HAVE A LOT OF ADVANCED MODALITIES TRAINING. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT FOR ESTHETICIANS? Education is so incredibly important! It's our responsibility to not only help people with their skin care but to educate them on how to take care of JESSICA BROCK Esthetician; owner, J Marie Skin Studio, Longmont, CO ASCP Member Since 2016 themselves. We need to be ahead of the curve, ahead of the trends, and truly understand what we are using to help our clients. We need to know exactly why we are using the products we use, what the benefits and possible side effects are, and when we should not use something on a client. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our clients, and each other to make sure we are the best. WHAT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT OWNING YOUR OWN SPA? For me, it's the freedom I have to think outside the box and do things differently instead of following a strict protocol. I take the time to listen to my clients and work with them, creating unique plans for their individual needs. I do more than just follow a doctor's orders. When I put my name on my door, it means something. It means it all starts and ends with me. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ESTHETICIANS WHO WANT TO BECOME MAKEUP ARTISTS? Practice, practice, practice! Practice on yourself, practice on your friends. Give a full face of makeup to everyone you possibly can. The more you practice, the easier it will become. But never stop being a student, never stop learning new tricks, and never stop pushing yourself to become better. Makeup Maven The winner of ASCP's Makeup Challenge offers advice for esty success Digital Extra! Visit to see Jessica's winning look. ASCP members can log in to the webinar section of to view the Makeup Challenge in its entirety.

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